Live Casino Poker Games Overlook

When we speak about online gambling and cards, Poker is the first game to come to mind. The alternative came from the beginning of the 19th century from the USA and still is one of the most sought-after amusements all over the globe.

The pastime with Poker may include numerous strategies, gaming alternatives, features, etc. Each title includes its specialties and there tend to occur some tips on the screen while the gameplay, it's bound to help you understand the scenario.

Most Popular Live Poker Variations

live casinos poker playing

To be honest, online and live Poker variants differ a little bit. You'll feel the difference when trying both of them. Live pastime is slower than the virtual one, because you deal with real players, who sit around the table and take part in the round, you can asure that reading about live casinos at AtlantisGoldCasino. Such games are more passive and involve more slight details. Check the most popular alternatives presented below and see which of them may match your ideas.

Casino Hold’em Poker

The game is presented with a standard deck of 52 cards, and the first step is the bet of the player, who can also make a side stake. Both, the dealer and the gamer, receive 2 cards face down. After that, there are dealt 3 more cards face up, so that each participant can make their 5-card hand. Judging the situation, the player decided either to Fold and take no more actions, or Call and double the bet. The Dealer must have at leave a pair of 4s to win. Otherwise, wins the one with the best hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker

At that rate, all participants of the game receive 5 cards each, and all the cards except for one of the Dealer are not revealed. You can judge your own hand, and either Fold and lose your bets, or raise and double the initial stake. After that, the Dealer turns around the rest 4 cards and once having an Ace and a King, he wins wither the whole sum or the half divided with you.

Texas Hold’em Poker

At the beginning of a round, each player is dealt with 2 cards face down. After that, you are to bet with the options of Check, Fold or Bet. As soon as all the stakes are made, there are dealt 3 general cards, which are located in the middle of the table. Having bet one more time, there appears the fourth card face up. And the final circle of betting leads to the fifth card dealt. At the end, all the hands are revealed and wins the hand with the best card combo.

Live Poker Formats to Try

Observing the top alternatives, there is one more thing to mind. Depending on the way you prefer to enjoy the pastime, you are to select a format. Check out what variations the casino you join offers to you and pick the form that is more convenient to you.


Playing live Poker on desktop is possible either thru a downloaded casino program or online. Both variants are possible with slight differences in game content and requirements. Some operating systems may not support the software extensions, or so. Yet, you can launch the site via any browser and enjoy everything in the real-time mode.


poker in live casinos

Feel more free when taking your live casino along wherever you go. Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can get the access to any casino and its games. Perhaps, the range of Poker alternatives will be a little bit narrower, however, the top titles are to be provided for sure.

Live Casino Bonuses to Play Poker

Most live casinos know how to help their players and provide some alluring bonuses in the form of extra credits. You can claim such promotions and own the money for further actions. The range of alternatives often includes Welcome, Ongoing and Loyalty conditions. That is when you can receive additional funds on various basis for your careless pastime with Poker. Yet, there are included some obligations.

Wagering Requirement

When the casino awards you with some money, you should understand this is a gift. And as for every present, you are to say thank you, which comes in the form of wagering. Play and win the sum of bonus so many times as it is mentioned in terms and have a chance to redeem the balance easily.

Min/Max Winnings to Cashout

One more thing that determines the casino, and not you, is the sum you are to withdraw. Actually, there are set just limits of the minimum and the maximum amounts you can cash out from your casino balance. The rest depends on your plans and capacities. If the desired sum to be redeemed is higher than the boundary, then withdraw the max and wait for a while for the operation become available again.